TodoistDroid ...

... the first Android app for Todoist, the powerful online to-do list and task manager. Create multiple projects, each with their own sub-projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. Assign priorities, due dates, and labels. A powerful, clean-lined, and efficient way to get organized!

Use TodoistDroid with an existing account or create a new one, right from the app. Your data is continually synchronized between the web and your Android device, so everything is always current. (A live data connection is required for use.)

TodoistDroid supports most of the feature set. Learn more about the web’s best list and task manager by visiting the Todoist web site, and then download your copy of TodoistDroid from the Android Market today!

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Version History
1.7  (January 25, 2011):
  • added support for label text colors (for premium users)
  • TodoistDroid can now be installed on your phone’s SD card (Android 2.2 and above)
1.6.2 (December 2, 2010):
  • added Italian language support.
1.6.1 (November 8, 2010):
  • fixed the item count display in the main project view
1.6  (November 1, 2010):
  • added support for recurring tasks
  • improved the handling of date, time, and sort order preferences
  • moved the app to the 2.1 codebase
1.5  (October 8, 2010):
  • improvements to preferences screen
1.4  (September 10, 2010):
  • bugfix release
1.3  (June 30, 2010):
  • added support for tasks displayed as notes (without checkboxes)
  • various bugfixes
1.2  (June 21, 2010):
  • added “7 day” query
  • minor bugfixes (login and start page)
1.1  (June 10, 2010):
  • added support for text formatting and hyperlinks in items
1.0  (June 3, 2010):
  • initial release